Client Testimonials

Real Life Testimonials are the best guarantee of a successful program.

You can see results achieved from real people.

We won’t post testimonials without being confident you will get results. Which means you have the reassurance that others have tried it before you did.

Take a peek at what some of our clients had to say about working with us. 

Adrienne's Testimonial

Adrienne Petit - I was referred to Just Be Fit 4 Life by several individuals who swore by their exercise training methods, professionalism and eating plans, which instilled great confidence for me.

Since I've hardly seen the inside of a gym for the last couple of years, I needed some serious help getting back into shape.

I have been training for 3 weeks and have already had friends and family notice a change.

I still have far to go, but can see great definition already.

As Lawrence says, "No goals are achieved in one’s comfort zone". So push till I fail, I will! " 

Michelle's Testimonial

Michelle Nenkov"I started training with Lawrence in May 2016. I had been training for a couple of years already, but nothing could have prepared me for this transformation. Lawrence literally transformed me in a very short time.

I went on to compete in 5 competitions, placed top 10 in 4 and then ended up placing 2nd at the Nabba World Championships in 2015.

None of this would have been possible without Lawrence’s constant motivation and expert fitness training.

He went beyond just training for me; he kept my head in the game when it got really tough towards the end.

I am forever grateful and will recommend him to anyone who is committed to changing their bodies!

Wayne's Testimonial

Wayne Groenewald - "I met Lawrence Van Wyk  nearly two years ago – I took one look at him and could see this guy had the goods. He represented what I wanted to achieve with my body so I approached him and asked him to assist me reach my goals. 

The duration of my training experience with Lawrence was just shy of two years and in the life long journey of bodybuilding is relatively short – a drop in the ocean. I however underwent such a dramatic transformation in this short space of time that many of my friends and associates didn’t recognize me. It wasn’t just the aesthetic changes that I noticed; I began to feel healthier, had more energy than I knew what to do with, and got stronger.

I will never forget what Lawrence said to me on day 1: “It’s going to hurt, you are going to suffer, it’s going to take courage but it will be worth it in the end”, so I swallowed those words put my head down and did exactly what I was told. I can honestly tell you that this man knows how to build a body – he is an artist, a master sculptor and he works with the most difficult canvas of all – the human body.  But if you follow his way you are guaranteed of results. Results in the form of a healthier, fitter, more attractive stronger body.

In the two years I puked countless times, rolled around on the gym floor, burst blood vessels in my eyes, saw stars and sweated blood but the pain was so worth it. His words rang true and my body began to transform.

Over this period my weight increased from 75kgs to over 100kgs, my body fat dropped from 16% all the way down to 5%. I competed in my first IFBB bodybuilding competition and placed 3rd. Lawrence was with me every step of the way, he trained me, managed my diet, motivated me and most of all made me believe in myself – that I could do it, that I could get massive legs and that anything was possible. I have carried these lessons into every facet of my life and have undergone such awesome growth both physically and mentally. The gym and training became my sanctuary the weights my therapy.  Through the expert guidance of Lawrence I found my happy place – bodybuilding.

The word thank-you grossly understates the immense value of this experience. I have nothing but huge respect and endless gratitude to Lawrence for what he has done for me and how he has transformed me. You cannot even attach a value to it because some things cannot be bought and a great physique is one of those things.

Lawrence has become a very close and dear friend of mine. When he said to me that I have earned his respect – it meant the world to me because it was coming from a person who has received countless bodybuilding accolades and has over 25 years’ experience in this wonderful sport. He is a true ambassador to the world of health and fitness.